Ice 3.6 Beta Released

My favorite middleware software is Internet Communications Engine, or ICE, by Zeroc, Inc.   They just released their latest version, 3.6 beta.  There are a number of great new features:

  • JavaScript mapping (in addition to C++, .NET, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Objective-C!)
  • WebSocket transport
  • New discovery service
  • and more!

Go to the release notes to learn more.


New Article on C++ Design for an ImageBlock Class


I just published a new article under Articles->Miscellaneous->Design of a C++ Data Class for Images. I write about a class I designed some years ago that I used in an image acquisition and processing framework.  I remembered the class fondly, and decided to revisit it and share a little of the process I went through to design it.  Why do you care? Beats me!